About us

Ginga Agrifood Manufacturing Enterprise Inc.


Established in 2005 founded on a mission that aspires to manufacture & sell high-quality, all natural products that use locally-grown ingredients and to support Philippine-Made product and farmers. Ginga is a Japanese word which means Galaxy. Our vision is aimed towards producing high-quality, all-natural products and expanding our market as wide as what the company stands for.


Store Locations Available

Grab any of our Ginga Products in more than 300 stores nationwide.


All Natural

Made from high-quality, all-natural, preservative-free products with significance to health trend.


Brew and Tea Product Lines

We offer 13 Ginga Tea and Brew collections available for your enjoyment.

Our Brand

Our blended tea and brew uses only pure and natural ingredients in its commitment to upholding a healthy lifestyle. Meticulously made from fine high-quality, organic and pesticide-free ingredients from our own farm.

Brew Collections


Brew Collections

Green Tea

Pure Tea Collections

Pure Tea

Quality Guaranteed

We managed our own farm located at Lobo, Batangas, Philippines. Running our very own farm ensures high-quality ingredients for our products. This also makes us self-sufficient while controlling high-quality produce, free from harmful pesticides. Our farm also enables to help local farmers and the community by providing livelihood and jobs.

100% All Natural Products

Managing our own farm ensures that all ingredients came from pesticide-free ingredients. Our products are carefully formulated with nutritional high-quality, all-natural and preservative-free products.

Our Team

Lota Manalo   -  President & CEO

Founded the company in 2005. Graduated Bachelor of Science in Accountancy at University of San Carlos Cebu.

Bhea Ann Driz   -  Production Manager

Drives the company's production operation and target completion by managing and leading it's people. For her 2 years in business, she oversee the production process, monitor product standards and quality.

Cerlin Cureg   -  Farm Manager

Has been part of the company for more than 3 years now, direct and coordinates farmers activities, supervising application of new technology acquired from various training and seminars attended.


Imelda -  Entrepreneur

Ok yung mga products lalo na yung Ginga Ginger Brew at Ginga Turmeric Brew. Umiinom ako ng isang tasa ng Ginger Brew araw-araw kaya mabilis effect nito. Normal na yung bowel movement ko hindi gaya dati na sobrang hirap.

Rose -  Automotive Employee

Ginga Pure Mangosteen Tea uses a pure mangosteen fruit and it helps keep my immune system up.

Ariane -  Bank Employee

I always drink Ginga Herbal Green Tea after dinner and after workout and I believe it helps losing weight.