Christmas is all about giving and receiving. And as we want to make more people smile last Holiday season, we celebrated our success with everyone in our community with the Annual Christmas Gift-Giving Activity where over thousand of Loboans received a Noche Buena and Ginga products package from us and our partner government units and groups. 

A wide shot view of our 800 crowd and recipients 

The event was attended by 800 PWD's or Person With Disabilities and Senior Citizens in Lobo Town Plaza, Brgy. Poblacion, Lobo Batangas last December 18, 2022 at 2PM. Ms. Lota Lazarte-Manalo, our CEO and President officially opened the event with an Opening Remarks where she expressed her gratitude towards everyone as we continually grow and improve the business. With her mission to make everyone smile in the community, she discussed her upcoming efforts in order to uplift and improve the lives of her fellow Loboans. She thanked everyone as our success is not possible without the help of everyone- from our farmers, employees, to customers. 

Ginga employees with the 800 recipients of our Christmas giveaways this year shouting I Love Ginga!

Ginga employees smiled at the camera while waiting for the distribution 

Free Ginga samples were given away and they had a chance to taste our products 

Ginga employees from Cebu, Pasay and Batangas went all over Lobo, Batangas to celebrate this season with everyone. They distributed 800pcs of Christmas packages from Ginga Agrifood, Municipality of Lobo, former Cong. Raneo Abu and all other sponsors who made their effort and initiative to add items on our giveaways. 

Distribution of packages to the PWD's and Senior Citizens

Over P100,000 worth of cash and prizes were given away to all of the attendees that made this day even more special for them. We are committed to help and assist our community in any way we could such as doing outreach programs and providing jobs and livelihood for them. 

The event ended with a closing remark by our Cebu Branch Manager, Ms. Lucita Lazarte. Everyone in the stadium left the venue with full of smile, hope and love. This is a great celebration to end our 2022! And as we start a new year, let's spread love and positivity. Happy New Year, Ginganatics! To check more photos, click here