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About Ginga

Ginga Agrifood Manufacturing Enterprises Inc. "Ginga" or "Ginga Food" creates the freshest and most delicious health brews, teas and drinks in the market. We advocate for a healthy lifestyle through natural products you can incorporate in your wellness lifestyle.

All Natural and Local


Our well-loved Ginger Brews or "Salabat" comes in Regular and Strong and in different size variants for your convenience.


Browse our Turmeric Brews, available in different sizes and blends. It contains Curcumin which has a lot of health properties your body will surely love.


Our sugar-free pure teas made from anti-oxidant rich ingredients are great for that quick nutrient boost. Each one has its own unique set of benefits. Pick one which suits your needs.


Browse our dehydrated tea preparations as well as our tea mixes you'll surely love.



Okay yung mga products lalo na yung Ginga Ginger Brew at Ginga Turmeric Brew. Umiinom ako ng isang tasa ng GInger Brew araw-araw kaya mabilis effect nito. Normal na yung bowel movement ko, hindi gay dati na sobrang hirap.

Imelda - Entrepreneur

I always drink Ginga Herbal Green Tea after dinner and after workout and I believe it helps me in losing weight.

Ariane - Bank Employee

Ginga Mangosteen Tea uses a pure Mangosteen fruit and it helps keep my immune system up.

Rose - Automotive Employee