One of Ginga's mission and vision is to be known globally and our brand, Ginga is a Japanese word which means "Galaxy". We exist not only to provide quality and fresh brews and teas for the Filipino people but we also want our products to be available in other parts of the globe and bring pride to our country through our products.

Customers tasting our ginger and turmeric brew in Watsons

It was 2020 when the pandemic hit our country and it became an opportunity for our business to grow and serve more people to use our products as a remedy and medication for cough, sore throat, cold and flu against COVID-19. Our sales went up as the demand went high and as we go back to normal, people are more conscious of what food or drinks they are taking. This point became our realization that we can serve more people not only locally but also globally that was why the management decided to start exploring exporting. 

Ginga participated in the recent Turkish Exporter's Assembly in Dusit Thani

It was June of 2022 when we joined MAFBEX as a starting point of this new venture and up to this date we are continuously looking for export partners to bring and sell our products abroad. And in order to attain this goal, we are partnering with different agencies and organizations to make this happen- Department of Trade and Industry- EMB, Italian Chamber of Commerce ICCP, AGREA Philippines, Turkey's Exporters Assembly and more! 

Ginga participated in AGREA's B2B Meeting last March in Romulo Cafe, Makati

Ginga becomes a member of Italian Chamber of Commerce with ICCP’s Executive Director- Lorens Ziller

And in order to comply with the government exporting standard, We recently accomplished and received our Bureau of Custom Export License and our existing FDA-LTO export certification was already valid to transact as an exporter and manufacturer. So, if you are planning to be our partner, you are secured and all of our permits are updated. 

Ginga's BOC and FDA LTO certificates

If you want to do business with us, please don't hesitate to email us at and or call us at 0909-4746370.