We also offer our products for B2B and Exporting!

One of Ginga's mission and vision is to be known globally and our brand, Ginga is a Japanese word which means "Galaxy". We exist not only to provide quality and fresh brews and teas for the Filipino people but we also want our products to be available in other parts of the globe and bring pride to our country through our products. Check our company profile and know more about our B2B and Exporting services and offers here


Ginga X SOMAGO PH Contract Signing in Binondo, Manila
China and Southeast Asian Exporting Market


AGREA X Ginga B2B Meetings in Romulo Cafe
UK and US Exporting Market 


Italian Chamber of Commerce or ICCP X Ginga in Dusit Thani Manila



Product Development 

Our brews and teas can be a solution to your company's needs! We offer quality powdered mixes that will solve and help your company's effort to innovate new products. We can customize and manufacture new products for you using our existing ingredients and "all natural" materials based on your needs and requirements.

Brand Partnerships and Sponsorships

We can also help your company grow through brand marketing and sponsorships! We understand and believe that one can be a great help as long as you're sharing one goal and mission- serve every Filipino with high-quality and well products in order for them to have a healthy lifestyle. For any partnerships or ex-deals, you may message us in carlos_manalo@gingafood.com.

Serving our Teas in Your Business

We can offer our products in a very affordable price if you are planning to elevate your business and serve our teas to your clients such as clinics, hotels, spas, gyms or other recreational centers. We can ensure to provide your customers quality and all natural drinks that will surely complete their awesome customer experience! Here are the videos of some of our partnerships. Click it to watch. 

Kapetol Cafe X Ginga

Embellir Institute Derma Clinic X Ginga

We Are Export-Ready!

Bringing our products outside the Philippines is something we are working on. We are open to coordinate with different local and direct exporters inside and outside the country. We offer exclusive bundles and logistics assistance with minimum purchase requirement depending on the clients' needs. You can ensure that you're dealing with the right brand as we have a complete and legit export documents from DTI, Bureau of Customs, and other government licenses before we send our products overseas. Here's a video of our partnership with SOMAGOPH in exporting. Click it to watch. 

SomagoPH X Ginga







Check-out the prices of our products for retail and in kilos. We are looking forward to be your partner soon!