About Ginga Agrifood Mfg. Ent., Inc.


Established in 2005 founded on a mission that aspires to manufacture & sell high-quality, all natural products that use locally-grown ingredients and to support Philippine-Made product and farmers. Ginga is a Japanese word which means Galaxy. Our vision is aimed towards producing high-quality, all-natural products and expanding our market as wide as what the company stands for.


Our blended tea and brew uses only pure and natural ingredients in its commitment to upholding a healthy lifestyle. Meticulously made from fine high-quality, organic and pesticide-free ingredients from our own farm.
We manage our own farm located at Lobo, Batangas, Philippines. Running our very own farm ensures high-quality ingredients for our products. This also makes us self-sufficient while controlling high-quality produce, free from harmful pesticides. Our farm also enables to help local farmers and the community by providing livelihood and jobs.