Last May, Ginga Agrifood became a member of Italian Chamber of Commerce or ICCP as we are starting to expand our market and gain connections for exporting.

It is a non-profit organization that provides a continuous forum for its members, which can identify, examine and discuss matters of common interest affecting economic, industrial and commercial objects. It constantly works in order to realize in the most efficacious way the goals of its members.

Ms. Lota Manalo, Mr. Mark Angelo Potente of Ginga together with Spanish Chamber of Commerce Representative

In particular, the ICCPI builds up business trades between Philippine and Italian companies, it promotes each other's cultures and creates employment in the Philippines. The ICCPI also extends its offers and business opportunities to individuals that would like to be a part of the organization and promote the Chamber into their respective business communities. ICCPI is governed by the Rules and Regulation and is duly registered at the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the Philippines.

As a part of the Regional Development Conference Series, The Italian Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines spearheaded the 2nd edition of the Calabarzon Business Conference last June 8, 2023 from 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM at the Glass Pavilion of the Dusit Thani Manila in partnership with the ICCP, Global Link-MP and Olacon Events, some of the biggest exhibition and conference event organizers in the Philippines. This event aim to foster business relationships with local Chambers of Commerce, business associations and local stakeholders to uncover investment opportunities and form strategic alliances.

Ms. Lota Manalo met Mr. George Barcelon, Philippine Chamber of Commerce President together with Ms. Jenny Maano, CEO of Sun Smart Philippines

The event was graced by different businessmen and leaders around the country such as Mr. Joey Leviste, Chairman of PCCI Environment and Climate Change Committee, Mr. Lorens Ziller, Executive Director of ICCP, Engy. Enuna Mangio, VIP for Regional Affairs of PCCI, Mr. Noel Ramirez, SEIPE Chief Revenue Officer, Atty. Joan Estremadura of Intellectual Property Office, Ms. Vivian Santos, PEZA Deputy Director General, Mr. Ferdinand Ferrer, VP for Industry, Director for Digital Innovation Science and Technology of PCCI and Mr. George Barcelon, President of PCCI.

Two women who shares same vision- to help Filipino communities. Ms. Lota Manalo together with Ms. Jenny Maano of Sun Smart Philippines

Ms. Lota Manalo together with Mr. Joey Leviste, Chairman of PCCI

Arch. Jun Palafox, CEO of Palafox Associate Architects received his Ginga token

Some business leaders were also invited to give a talk from different fields where Ms. Lota Lazarta Manalo, our CEO and President became a guest speaker. She is also the current Mayor of Lobo, Batangas that was why she also represented the whole municipality, which is known for their majestic beaches, resources and landscapes. Together with her were the following speakers- Ms. Jenny Maano, Sun Smart Philippines President, Mr. Phillip Dupuis, Head of Trade Selection European Delegation, Mr. Paco Magsaysay, Chairman of Carmen’s Best, Mr. Romolo Nati, CEO of ItalPinas, Ms. Sallie Lacson, VP of Philippine Chamber of Commerce, Arch. Jun Palafox, CEO of Palafox Associate Architects, Leslie Cham, EVP of Security Bank, and Sheryll Nito, Category Director of Lazada.

Ms. Lota Manalo received her certificated awarded by Mr. Lorens Ziller, ICCP Executive Director

Ginga products were tasted by the attendees for free during the event

Ms. Lota Lazarte- Manalo discussed the history and background of Lobo, Batangas and its different resources that they can offer to the rest of the world including our company, Ginga Agrifood. The partnership between ICCP and Ginga Agrifood was discussed as well to increase our partnerships for exporting. Her topic was all about the "Internationalization of Filipino Products from Lobo, Batangas in Europe". To watch the full video, click the video below. 


“We are already working on expanding our product lines- from drinks to condiments, to snacks and maybe wines in the near future since we are already in the R&D stage. I'd love to create more products that use no sugar or artificial sweeteners for health conscious people. Simultaneously, we are continuously maintaining the quality of our products by complying with different permits and licenses from Food and Drugs Administration (FDA), Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Bureau of Customs (BOC) and HALAL to cater wider market and build more business opportunities.”


“One of Ginga's mission and vision is to be known globally and our brand, Ginga is a Japanese word which means "Galaxy". We exist not only to provide quality and fresh brews and teas for the Filipino people but we also want our products to be available in other parts of the globe and bring pride to our country through our products.

It was 2020 when the pandemic hit our country and it became an opportunity for our business to grow and serve more people to use our products as a remedy and medication for cough, sore throat, cold and flu against COVID-19. Our sales went up as the demand went high and as we go back to normal, people are more conscious on what food or drinks they are taking. This point became our realization that we can serve more people not only locally but also globally that was why the management decided to start exploring exporting.”


“ICCP or the Italian Chamber of Commerce is an organization that facilitates business relationships between Italy and the Philippines and it gives us more opportunities to explore the world. We recently became a member of the organization and we are starting to expand our network through their help and connections. They are also helping small and medium enterprises like Ginga to be promoted that’ll benefit the businesses in order to provide more employment not only in our city in Lobo, but in the whole Philippines.”