This July, join us in celebrating our 17 years in business. Ginga Agrifood Manufacturing Enterprises Inc. was established last July 20, 2005 with a mission that aspires to manufacture & sell high-quality, all natural products that use locally-grown ingredients and to support Philippine-Made product and farmers.

Ms. Lota Lazarte doing a video shoot in our factory when it was first built 

Ms. Lota Lazarte with former Sen. Bam Aquino for Go Negosyo   

A dream that was made into reality by our CEO and President, Ms. Lota Lazarte. It all started with her love for learning. Back in 2004, she made a bold move to learn about baking but later found out that there's an interesting class beside their room that teaches ginger and turmeric processing- turning the root extracts to powder. With her dedication to establish her own business and the help and support of her family, she took a leap of faith and started offering the products to her friends. She used to only have 5 staff when she first ran the business but now, our family has grown to almost 100 amazing and reliable members already. We are hoping that this inspiring story will be an instrument for each and everyone of us to never stop dreaming and going beyond societal-imposed limitations.

Ginga Agrifood Team attended a seminar last 2019

Ms. Lota Lazarte touring some guests in our factory in Lobo, Batangas

Our Ginga Farm farmers with Ms. Lota Lazarte Manalo

As we celebrate this milestone of surviving several years and coming out unscathed despite the pandemic, let's look back to some of the most memorable moments shared within the company, the Ginga family.

We distributed our products to our healthcare workers this pandemic last 2020

Ginga Agrifood participated in IFEX last 2011

Ms. Lota Lazarte in a radio show 

Our old products with old packaging when we started 

Cooking Demo in Mercato Central with Chef Jeff last 2012

Mr. Christopher de Leon visited our booth in one of our events last 2012

Here's a testimonial from our CEO and President, Ms. Lota Lazarte-Manalo on did she grow her company from less than 5 persons to 100 persons.

Ginga Team during the PWD gift giving activity last 2021 

"When I started it was just my sister and I, but she got married and decided to work abroad for a much better opportunity. So it ended up with just me and my personal secretary and 2 other kitchen staff at home. I did things from end to end - I help with the cooking, delivery, and even the marketing aspect of the business.

There has been a very big misfortune on the 3rd year of the business where was I approached by a group of experts from the food industry who I sought as consultants since at that time I was planning on expanding already and building my own manufacturing plant. They turned out to be scammers and schemers. They took my money and I was left with unnecessary machines. It took all my confidence and aspirations.

My dream of having my own factory was put in halt and expansion was also put on hold, in 2008 my mom submitted a proposal to one of the leading supermarkets in the country and luckily we were accepted and got ourselves 60 branches to deliver. That's where the need for more people started. From then on we just added more members to our Ginga Family when necessity arises to serve more accounts and outlets and also to complete the organizational structure to give better service to our consumers. The growth was gradual. It took me I guess 5 years to add 5 from 2 people then 10 then before I know it, we have grown to a hundred members."

As of to date, we are available in almost 400 groceries, stores and supermarkets nationwide! We would like to use this opportunity to thank our partners, customers and employees for supporting our journey throughout the years. We are looking forward to more years with you, Ginganatics! Be with us as we slowly reach for our dreams in promoting healthy lifestyle, helping local farmers in the country and making our products known globally. So #LetsCelebrateTeagether17