As per, International Women’s Day is a global celebration of the economic, political, and social achievements of women, which took place for the first time on March 8, 1911. Many countries around the world celebrate the holiday with demonstrations, educational initiatives, and customs such as presenting women with gifts and flowers. 

And this Women's Month, we are celebrating it as well together with the whole universe with our campaign entitled "You Got The Power" from March 7-31. And we are very proud to share in this blog that we are featuring 12 inspiring and strong women who share the same mission with Ginga, and that is to promote a healthy lifestyle that each woman deserves. It is our goal to provide you with affordable yet organic and quality healthy drinks and teas that we harvest on our own farm in Lobo, Batangas.  

Our CEO, Ms. Lota Lazarte-Manalo is a woman who persevered and showed hard work to prove that being a woman can't hinder you in achieving your dreams. Ginga Agrifood was established in 2005, with the help of her family. Her interest in making ginger brew or salabat was the main reason why Ginga became the company that it is today. One of her main goals is to provide a livelihood to the people of Lobo and its community. 

Here are the 12 women who will give us inspiring messages to uplift the women of today in terms of having a healthy body and mind that each woman deserves. 


Ms. Lota Lazarte- Manalo
CEO, Ginga Agrifood
"I can encourage other women like me by showing good example or being someone they can look up to but also relatable. Hoping that they can see themselves in me. Their struggles, hardships, aspirations and triumph. I also empower women around me thru my women’s organization called Kababaihan Sama-sama sa Kaunlaran or KASAMAKA . We provide them with trainings on livelihood, seminars on our rights , seminars on personality development and also with team building to build strong er relationships among other women in their group/ community."

Celine Cornejo (Teacher Celine PH)
Educator and Influencer 
"I believe the best answer here comes from how I am encouraged and inspired by other women. From that perspective, I would like to be able to be in a position to encourage and inspire others in the same way. I'm inspired by women who follow their passions and work hard to succeed even if it's one step at a time. I'm encouraged by women who do not let failures be the end of their own journeys. I'm encouraged by those who are honest enough to admit that they can't do things by themselves and find strength in God, family, and friends. I'm often at awe with women who seem so busy but still manage to do well in most, if not all, things that they do and also look great doing them."

Akiko Thomson 
SEA Games Gold Medalist 
"As we remain true to our self and our values, by facing our fears and pressing forward, and being the change we hope to see, this strengthens us and gives encouragement to others. For those women in my circle of influence I try my best to walk alongside and provide input and feedback whenever asked or needed."

Atty. Rita Jimeno
Associate Dean, CEU College of Law 
"As a lawyer who manages a law firm, and as a professor who teaches law students, I encourage younger lady lawyers and female students to be as confident and as assertive as their male counterparts because they are no less worthy but, in fact, have more strengths and power in their hands.For one, most women are more hard working, more organized, and more thorough than men.For another, because they are meant to rear children, they have more EQ (emotional quotient). Scientists say that people with high EQ tend to be more successful in every endeavor in life than those –who, despite a high IQ – have low EQs."

Atty. Karen Jimeno
Director and Chief Legal Counsel of Sofcap Partners
"I try to live by example that women’s abilities and opportunities are unlimited.  I work hard to be many things: a mom, wife, lawyer, law professor, motoring columnist, baker at home. We now live in an era where women can be whatever they want if they strive for it."


Eva Patalinjug
Bb. Pilipinas Grand International 2018
"I think finding value in yourself is the key to a healthier and happier lifestyle. Deciding to make a change in your life is never easy. Breaking old habits and creating healthy ones can be challenging and even discouraging at times. However, it’s not impossible. It’s good to make a plan and take baby steps." 

Nica Zosa-Nabua
Ms. Summit International 2022
"We should all love our body as it promotes healthy mind as well. We should start by accepting what body types we have and must embrace it. Research the best diet that will suit you and also spoil sometimes, don’t deprive yourself too much"

Ronae Jane Tamares
Ms. Global International 2022
"Promoting a healthy lifestyle starts with how you think, and how you can be a good influence to the people around you. You have to discipline yourself during that process. It is also important that you really enjoy taking that journey so that you won't be so hard on yourself. As for me, It was challenging for me at first but as time goes by, I have genuinely enjoyed doing a healthy routine. With that, I have efficiently shared my knowledge with other people on regards to a healthy lifestyle and I also encourage my friends and family to join me in this lifestyle."


Jocel Adorable
Vice President, Viva Pay TV
"I am a tea person. It is  part of my daily nutritional supplement. The all natural and extremely healthy ingredients of Ginga tea is a good daily health supplement for me.  Ginga tea – Filipino made. Proud Pinoy!"

Pamela Lee
Marketing Head, Konsulta MD
"I'm a fan of Turmeric tea because of its antioxidant properties. I like to take it at night with warm milk because it helps me sleep better. Aside from that, I noticed that the natural glow of my skin improved after several months of taking it!"

Cherrie Atilano 
CEO of AGREA, Agricultural System International Inc.
"I love Ginga products, I have been an advocate as it is healthy, immune boosting plus it supports the Filipino farmers."